Mrs. J. Passino boarding the Holman & Moody DC-3.

Models & Diecast collectibles
Aircraft of all types

Unless noted, These are all mint, new in the box estate items.
We will open the boxes to inspect to be sure of the condition.
Items shown in red are 1/12th larger scale models.
Items in Black are 1/18th scale
Items shown in blue are the smaller 1/24th scale.
Items shown in Orange are 1/48 Scale.
Items shown in Dark Blue are 1/72 Scale.
Items shown in Gray are the smaller 1/200th scale.
Brand Scale Description Part # Price
Custom NA Passanger plane tail with Eastern logo Tail Fin 1 $60.00
Custom NA Passanger plane tail with Pan Am logo Tail Fin 2 $60.00
Custom NA Passanger plane tail with United logo Tail Fin 3 $60.00
FM 1/48th Douglas SBD Dauntless B11E378 $250.00
FM 1/48th Junkers JU-52 B11E398 $250.00
FM 1/48th B-25 Mitchell Bomber B11B616 $250.00
FM 1/48th DC 3 Eastern Airlines B11E180 $318.00
FM 1/48th B17 F flying Fortress B11C978 $350.00
FM 1/48th F-14 Tomcat B11B238C $350.00
FM 1/72nd F-14 A Tomcat Black Aces 85237 $95.00
FM 1/48th P-47 ThunderBolt Royal Air Force B11E078 $174.00
FM 1/48th Hurricane MK1 RAF fighter plane Cacadian B11B577 $100.00
FM 1/48th C47A DC 3 Berma plane B11E372 Call
Inflight 1/200th Boeing 707-331 Pan American N704PA $125.00
FM 1/48th AG 1G Helicopter Bell Cobra Southeast Asia B11E777 $125.00
GMP 1/35th P-51D USAF Mustang Fred Ohr Marie G3502008 $125.00
GMP 1/35th P-51D Mustang Missouri Armada G3502006 $125.00
Inflight 1/200th De Havilland Comet 4 DH-106 BOAC G-APDC $220.00
Inflight 1/200th Boeing 707-100 American IF70710717P $193.00
Sky 1/150th Boeing 707 American Airlines SKR707AM $20.00
Inflight 1/200th Boeing 707-138 Quantas IF70710817 $185.00
herpa 1/200th Boeing 707-300 Air France 557245-001 $80.00
herpa 1/200th Boeing 707-320 South African Air 558693 $110.00
herpa 1/200th Boeing 707-400 British Airways 557818 $150.00
herpa 1/200th Boeing 707-400 Lufthansa 557818 $175.00
Inflight 1/200th Boeing 720-025 Eastern IF7200815P $167.00
Inflight 1/200th Boeing 720-030B Pan Am IF7200816P $123.00
Gemini 1/200th Boeing 727-200 Alaska Air G2ASA112 $125.00
Inflight 1/200th Boeing 727-235 Pan Am IF7221117P $125.00
Gemini 1/200th Boeing 737-800 American G2AAL156 $112.00
Gemini 1/200th Boeing 737-800 Eastern G2EAL581 $220.00
inflight 1/200th Boeing 747 SP American IF747SP602P $253.00
Inflight 1/200th Boeing 747-400 British Airways IF100747 BA $165.00
Gemini 1/200th Boeing 767-300 American G2AAL142 $250.00
Gemini 1/200th Boeing 767-400 Virgin Atlantic G2VIR608 $150.00
Gemini 1/200th Boeing 777-200 ER American G2AAL047 $220.00
Gemini 1/200th Boeing KC 135R USAF Military Cargo G2AF0419 $200.00
Inflight 1/200th DC 10 A American IFDC10AA0518P $272.00
Gemini 1/200th Lockeed L-1011 Tri-Star PAN AM G2PAA690 $300.00
Inflight 1/200th Concorde BOAC ARD2023 $125.00
Inflight 1/200th Concorde Pan Am IFCONCPAA02 $125.00

Unless noted, These are all mint, new in the box estate items.
We will open the boxes to inspect to be sure of the condition.
To order any of these please call Holman & Moody at 704 583 2888.

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Air filters, assembly oil, Heat Shields, decals, gaskets and other items shown may also contain other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.
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