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The Safir Mark V limited production GT 40 Copies were built in England
and have a JW Engineering original GT 40 chassis plate.
These quality collecter cars have increased in value over the years.
As the head engineer, Jim Rose designed & built most of the chassis for the
Safir Mark Vs.
Jim built this car as his own with hundreds of hours spent
detailing each part as he installed them.

Safir GT40 Mark V #1099.
This is new ( Only 7 Miles total ) GT 40 was hand built for/by Jim Rose.
One of two GT40s with an L (light weight ) chassis number GT40/L-1099
The 7 miles were up the hill at Goodwood some years ago.
This is a chance to get one of the best GT40s as a new car.
Assembled with the correct 289 engine with Webers built by Holman & Moody
and new ZF transaxle
Thought to be the lightest GT 40 ever built at 890 Kilos.
Every part was numbered with the 1099 ID number.
Road registered as 1966 Ford with Tag MKV40
Simply the best Mark V GT 40.

Located in England, as part of a famous private collection for 12 years, GT40L/1099 is being offered for sale at 300,000.00.
Please contact Lee Holman for more information.
Phone 704 583 2888
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