Air Cleaners, Valve Covers and Valve Cover Spacers

Valve Covers

Our cast aluminum valve covers are made in America.

Competition Big 390/428/427FE Engines

Cast aluminum with the Holman & Moody logo.
Machined with four threaded holes on the cast pads.

Stainless steel caps screws and spark plug wire holders are supplied with these.

These FE valve covers are in stock and ready to be shipped.
The valve covers are priced at $395.00 for a set of two.

You will also need to order four of the caps listed below.

To complete the FE valve covers you need to order 4 caps.

The most popular set is 1 PCV cap, 2 Solid caps, and 1 Breather/ Filter cap.

The choices are:
Cap with a PCV Fitting
Cap with a 3/8" pipe threaded hole
a solid cap
Cap with a filter-breather attached.
Threaded Caps

For the small block 260/289/302/351W Engines

Just in! These special valve covers sets are unique. Call us for pricing!

One set of these vintage valve covers is all that we have.

The first 289/302 Holman & Moody valve covers were all painted black crinkle.
These are the most correct for original vintage cars.
We only have 4 sets of these special black sets.
This classic 1960s design uses one push on breather cap on the cover that is shown.
The second cover has a hole for a PCV fitting..

Printed with the famous Holman & Moody logo,
This would be the perfect addition to your collector car.

The standard 289/302/351W valve covers are sold out

Competition version small block 260/289/302/351W Engines

Machined from the original design casting these competition covers
have threaded holes on the cast pads.
Four threaded fittings or caps must be installed.

Printed with the famous Holman & Moody logo,

These are sold out.

Valve Cover Spacers

These spacers add 1" to the valve cover height
so you can use taller rocker arm adjusting assemblies.

The 289/302/351W spacers are made in two styles.
Standard that uses the normal gaskets, and O-ring design with a grove cut in the top and bottom surface for an O-ring.
We also have spacers for the FE 390/428/427 engines and the 429/460 wedge engine.

Please call if you what more information about these spacers.

Our air cleaner tops & bottoms and valve covers are made in America.

Air Cleaner Tops

- Cast aluminum tops

2 X 4V & 1 X 4V---------------------3 X 2V -----------------------one hole

The C5HM-9600-N top has no holes drilled for custom attachments.
The C5HM-9601-A top is for the single 4v or the 2 x 4V intake for Ford 289/ 302 or 390/427 FE engines
When mounted with a single 4V the base has a clamp that attaches to the carb and the base
two studs are then used to attach the top to the base so that it looks like a 2x4V setup.
The C5HM-9601-B Top has one hole in the location a single 4V would use.
The C5HM-9600-C top is for the 3 x 2V intakes. The holes drilled to use the second and third carburators.

We have added a new top with one mounting hole that is located over
the second carb in a 3x2 V or for a single 4V intake.
Please call if you want one of these air cleaner tops.
we expect more to be in stock soon.

Air Cleaner Filters

Made to fit the Holman & Moody or Ford oval filter assemblies

___ photo is the C5HM-9601-A 1.75" tall filter.
The C5HM-9601-A - 1.75" tall. This filter will work with our air cleaner tops.

The C5HM-9601-B - 2.25" tall. This filter will work with our air cleaner tops.

The C5HM-9601-C - 3.0" tall. This filter will work with our air cleaner tops.
The prices vary with the sizes
Choose height

Air Cleaner Bottom Bases

Cast Aluminum

___ photo is the C5HM-9602-A Single 4V filter base
The C5HM-9602-A - 1 X 4V base is sold with the attaching hardware that uses both holes in the top

___ photo is the C5HM-9602-B - 2 X 4V base

The C5HM-9602-B - 2 X 4V base
___ photo is the C5HM-9602-C - 3 X 2V base

The C5HM-9602-C - Cast Aluminum oval air filter base

Oval air cleaner bottoms

14" round aluminum air cleaner top with the hm logo embossed.
These sell for $60.00.

14" round aluminum air cleaner base.
These sell for $55.00.

Some restrictions may apply. Please contact us for more details.

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