News Flash! September 7, 2017
Holman & Moody has gotten back into
Trans Am racing with our new Mustang race cars.
Based on the 2018 Mustang, with Trans Am approved modifications,
Holman & Moody is building the modern Mustangs into a TA4 class winner.
While we wait for the 2018 rules to be completed, here are our goals:

Build a competitive car that meets the rules & the spirit of the rules.

Keep the design simple but strong.
Design in quality
so the car can be easy to maintain while it performs at a top level.

The new Holman & Moody Mustangs will be offered in a number of ways,
from complete turn key ready to race,
down to a simple body in white
with an approved roll cage.

The rules will limit the changes to the chassis and body work. The performance changes will be in the suspension, brakes, and details that will make them worthy of a Holman & Moody serial number plate.

The class rules allow:
* 6 speed transmission,
* larger 6 piston brakes,
* 5.0 Mustang engine performance built to 500 hp rule limit.
* fuel cells, pumps, & filter,
* race wheels of a limited size,
* 3.73 locker rear end,
* up dated computer controls with data logs,
* analog dash, and many other changes

With the history of Holman & Moody race cars, these Mustangs will be the next winners.
Holman & Moody is taking orders now for the first new Mustangs
with a February 2018 delivery.
Only a limited number can be completed for the first race in March 2018.

For more information please call 704 583 2888.

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