How to Order a TdF Mustang.

The Holman & Moody TdF Mustang is a comprised of a uniquely-optioned Mustang upfitted with a specialized aftermarket component kit available only from Holman & Moody.
Although other options and accessories can be chosen, each TdF Mustang will receive an identical base kit.

The base car can be ordered at any Ford dealer in the U.S. by using a specific code that designates the mandatory requirements. Please click here for an example of how to input the correct order option code (54M) into the Ford order system.

We have developed three options for customers to acquire a TdF Mustang:

Option 1:

Dealer installation of the TdF kit.

The Holman & Moody 50th Anniversary TdF Mustang is available for purchase through any Ford dealership in the United States.

The process to order through a dealer is as follows:

1. The dealer is required to submit a purchase order to Holman & Moody, along with vehicle order confirmation, verifying that the appropriate Upfit Code (54M) has been submitted to Ford.

2. The dealer will submit payment for the TdF kit to Holman & Moody within 14 days of the purchase order date.

3. Upon receipt of purchase order and payment, the vehicle will be assigned a sequential TdF serial number and will be entered into the Holman & Moody database as well as the TdF Registry.

4. Kit components will be shipped to dealer for post-title installation.

Some restrictions may apply. Please contact us for more details.

Option 2:

TdF kit installed at Holman & Moody shop

Any 2014 Mustang ordered with the proper Upfit Code (54M) can be eligible for the TdF program.

For an additional fee, Holman & Moody can perform all modifications at our shop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In addition, each TdF Mustang built in the Holman & Moody shop will receive certain features that are not available in the dealer-installed kit.

The customer will be required to sign a work order and submit payment for the kit and installation at the time of drop-off.

Vehicle transportation to and from the Holman & Moody shop is the responsibility of the customer.

Some restrictions may apply. Please contact us for more details and availability.

Option 3:

Purchase completed TdF Mustang directly from Holman & Moody

Holman & Moody will occasionally have completed TdF Mustangs available for purchase. As with any other TdF Mustangs built at the Holman & Moody shop, these vehicles will be built with certain features that are not available in the dealer-installed kit.

Please contact us for more details and availability.

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Each TdF Mustang comes with a complimentary one year membership to the SVT Owners Association, our enthusiast club partner.

Membership in SVTOA entitles you to benefits such as:
Ford exclusive X-Plan pricing for preferred partners on new Fords and Lincolns

Discounts on products and services from our sponsors

Access to member-only area of www.SVTOA.com

Participation in club events and gatherings

Subscriptions to SVT Enthusiast magazine and email newsletters

Membership kit with merchandise bonus

And much more!

For more information on club benefits or how to become a member of SVTOA, or email SVTOA@T5design.com

Some restrictions may apply. Please contact us for more details.

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